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Mi Buenos Aires querido“- My beloved Buenos Aires is the name of the famous Tango song from Carlos Gardel. And every traveler who wants to get closer the heart of the porteños –inhabitants of Buenos Aires-should come with us along a walking tour.

The grid street plan of Buenos Aires, the location of its financial district and government buildings, the proximity to the port and the Rio de la Plata river makes it possible to explore the most remarkable sights of the city on foot, by public bus, or subway.

Nicole and I personally love to stroll and discover by foot this vibrant city. It is probably the most European metropolis in the South American continent. A great blend of people from everywhere. Argentines are very passionate, politically and socially alive people. And it would be our pleasure to share with you our city.

Our walks are enjoyable, relaxed and in good humor. We love to talk about Argentina, Buenos Aires and any topic that interests our guests.

We are convinced that it is an excellent way to get closer to the locals, use the public transportation, enjoy a coffee break in a typical place or stretch the legs after a long flight!

We have our suggestions and welcome hearing your interests!

Downtown and harbor

We start at the obelisk and take the Diagonal Norte to the famous and renewed Plaza de Mayo. This historic, typical Spanish square contains the most important public buildings, such as the Cathedral where Pope Francis used to be the archbishop of Argentina and the place where the Madres y Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo gathered: where the brave mothers of the disappeared people during the military dictatorship protest still today.

We continue our walk to the Harbor district of Puerto Madero. On the way we will have to pass an important construction: an open tunnel parallel to the old port. Buenos Aires is still a container Harbor and the trucks need their space.

Puerto Madero has the contrast of the old red brick buildings with the newest skyscrapers and tallest buildings of Buenos Aires. Famous architects and designers like Cesar Pelli, Norman Foster and Santiago Calatrava constructedsome of their projects here. We won’t miss the old school ship Fragata Sarmiento end the Antarctic Museum on the icebreaker Corbeta Uruguay from 1903.

We cross the channel back to the old Tango neighborhood of San Telmo and finish in the Art Nouveau Market where we could have a snack or a coffee in one of the many typical bars or cafes.


Heading North: Recoletas Belle Époque

We kick off at San Martín Square taking the Arroyo Street with its numerous art galleries. Continue crossing the wide 9 de Julio Avenue, strolling along the elegant Alvear Avenue until reaching the famous Cemetery.

The entrance is optional since there is an entrance fee since 2022. We can include the visit or explain the site and continue our walk. Very close is the big metal flower Floralis Generica build by Lockheed Martin Aircraft Argentina and the Argentinean architect Eduardo Catalano, also famous for the Catalano’s House in Raleigh North Caroline. All this next to the faculty of law and the Fine Arts Museum.

We look forward your inquiries and to showing you our beloved Buenos Aires!