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Adrian Heynen

Although I am a native of Buenos Aires, my parents are Swiss and German.

Buenos Aires is a large city, but just outside of the city limits is an amazing grassland, called the pampas. These pampas hold many large ranches, or estancias, where cattle is raised by gauchos, or cowboys. As a child I used to spend my holidays on an estancia where I used to ride on horseback across the wide pampas all by myself. I had the opportunity to learn much about gauchos and their culture.

The hospitality industry has always been important to me. My first degree was in Hotel and Tourism Management. Once I finished that, I departed for the United States to earn a degree in Eco-Tourism. Upon my return to Buenos Aires I went back to the University and earned a Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences.

I have traveled and worked in five countries (USA, Brazil, Guatemala, Germany and Argentina) on three continents, but Buenos Aires is home! Argentina and Buenos Aires are beautiful and wonderful to see. It's my passion to accompany guests through Buenos Aires and its beautiful country. My approach is relaxed and I love to share my knowledge of our country and the city to my guests.

¿So where do I go when I'm on holiday? Right here! My family and the delta of the River Paraná brings tremendous balance to my life.

Nicole Heynen

I was born in the city of Buenos Aires and grew up in a bilingual background.

I graduated as a music therapist in 1999 and then worked in education, teaching in higher education institutions. I have also worked in administration in several companies and organizations, including a position as Dean at a prestigious hotel school. In recent years my professional interest and my work has focused on tourism in Buenos Aires.

Personal relationships are what I most enjoy and together with my brother we want to show our travellers how the Argentine people live.

My interests and hobbies include music and art. For years I sang as a soprano in renowned choirs of Buenos Aires. I am currently an enthusiastic tango and folklore singer, which means there are always opportunities to bring our guests from Europe and the rest of the world closer to the city's music and dance, an icon of Argentinian culture.